Advantages and Disadvantages of a Fully Electric Car

For many years now, most vehicles around the world have been powered by gasoline. With the increase in gas prices, more people are looking into alternative fuel sources. This is why electric cars are becoming very popular nowadays. Electric cars can save money on gas costs and they do not pollute the environment unlike gas-powered vehicles.

Electric cars derive their energy from rechargeable nickel batteries placed inside the vehicle. These batteries are usually not just used to power up the vehicle but also utilized for the proper functioning of wipers and lights. Electric cars actually have more batteries inside than a standard gasoline vehicle.

In fact, even ordinary gasoline vehicles come with more than just batteries. For example, there are still other parts such as the motor, the transmission and even the reels which need to be properly maintained. Through the use of electric vehicles, manufacturers are able to take out these kinds of parts and make it possible for them to provide tax breaks. Now if you will ask why tax breaks, this is because electric vehicle owners are able to deduct the cost of their electric car’s maintenance expenses.

However, this deduction is not applicable to the cost of purchasing the vehicle itself. You can only enjoy this benefit once you have fully paid for your electric car or the entire purchase price. On top of that, electric vehicles come with a host of other features that make it easier for drivers to travel with.

Electric Vehicles (EV) offer better mileage than conventional vehicles because they are running on clean energy sources. One major advantage of using an electric vehicle is that there is no pollution or noise caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Since fossil fuels release all sorts of harmful gases into the atmosphere, EV actually help lessen this problem. As a result, more people are now supporting the use of these types of vehicles.

One major disadvantage of electric cars is that their engine has limited performance. This means that they can only reach the speed of about 50 kilometers per hour. But unlike a hybrid electric vehicle, there is actually a motor inside the EV that can power it to faster speeds. With this, many drivers are complaining that they are having a hard time reaching the speed of the vehicles that are powered by gas engines.

On the other hand, gas powered vehicles are known to be more efficient in terms of fuel economy. Hybrid electric vehicles are known to have a fuel economy of 4.5 cents per mile. However, the major advantage of this is that they can actually last longer while using less fuel. With this, they can actually help reduce the costs incurred from purchasing and using them.

While both types of vehicles have different pros and cons, both still have one very important thing in common. Both types of vehicles are highly pollution free. Aside from being highly efficient in fuel consumption, they also use the environment-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. Therefore, even if EVs are more expensive than traditional vehicles, they still serve as great assets for environmental protection.

Another advantage of using an EV is that they do not need oil changes unlike gas-powered cars. These vehicles also run on electric energy which is obtained from batteries. It is said that about 90% of all EV’s running on the roads are actually charged through an alternate power source like the batteries.

One major disadvantage of electric vehicles is their lack of performance when it comes to acceleration. Since they use electricity as their main source of power, they cannot accelerate at high speeds like a gas-powered vehicles can. They also have poor brake performance and handling. This means that drivers need to be extra careful when driving.

One major advantage of a fully electric car over the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is their fuel efficiency. It has been proven that these types of cars have the ability to save up to 80% of the fuel that conventional vehicles consume. As a result, you will be able to cut down on your annual fuel bill. In some cases, these vehicles have even saved more money than gas-powered vehicles. In some areas, a pet can be cheaper to run than gasoline powered vehicle.

Some of these vehicles also have better weight balance than electric motor vehicles. Although this type of vehicle has better weight balance, they do not have as much power as the phev. One thing to keep in mind though, an EV does not work like a car in the sense that it functions only by using batteries. Therefore, an EV is only useful for short distances. So you can use an EV only in places where you need to travel only few miles each day.