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The Fiat Tipo cross is one of the latest models to come from the Fiat group. The new Tipo is the largest ever model from Fiat, and it features some novel design elements. The Tipo is truly the first euro-based model to take on the fresh looking, electrified Fiat 500 styling, but not on the grille or its front side. What’s more, this design element takes direct influence from the production of the original Scalada car alarm. If you want an auto sound system with a lot going for it, the Tipo cross could be your solution.

One way that the Fiat Tipo differs from other hatchbacks is in the shape and structure of its roof. It’s pronounced Tipo and when translated means “to tip.” This characteristic allows the vehicle’s roof to be lower than other Fiat vehicles. While most hatchbacks allow for a higher roof, it’s the Fiat Tipo that allows for a much lower frame, thus giving the vehicle a more streamlined look.

The Fiat Tipo rides on a unique aluminum hood that’s slightly over two meters long, and half a meter wide. This grille houses the Fiat logo, which is a cool feature. In addition to the fascia, the roof features a section that’s just forward of the center of the grille. This section houses the Fiat logo, and it’s a distinct design element. On the other hand, the hatchback section isn’t forward of the front bumper, which allows for a distinct lack of bite.

The rear fender and the bootlatch are also new compared to the rest of the vehicle. The Fiat Tipo crosses model features an aluminum section that’s four inches in front of the front bumper. The new fender incorporates the same angular lines as the grille, which help create a sleeker, sportier look. While this doesn’t make a huge difference when driving, it does lend character to the car. Also, the Fiat Tipo features new LED lights with carbon fiber for a more futuristic look.

In terms of size, the Fiat Tipo front end is relatively small. While this doesn’t directly effect the ride height of the vehicle, it’s important to know that this is an important part of the overall design. The lower part of the vehicle is wider than on some models, which affects the ability to take corners. Since this is a new tipo, the headlights don’t have any venting, which is a negative impact on overall efficiency. Up until recently, these headlights didn’t incorporate a vent to help with better efficiency, but the new tipo has introduced a rear diffuser. While this doesn’t directly benefit efficiency, it does improve visibility at night, which makes the Fiat Tipo a better choice for riders.

Inside of the vehicle, two things remain unchanged from before: the new crossbody front bumper and new skid plate. Both feature new LED lighting that are capable of providing better illumination while riding in the snow or rain. In addition, both feature functional chrome side skirts to improve safety. The new crossbow has been cleverly redesigned to reduce wind resistance while improving handling, and the skid plate uses slightly deeper channels to help with steering control.

As a further enhancement, the Fiat Tipo’s suspension system is upgraded to improve springiness. A new air spring is used, instead of the old air bags that were commonly used. This reduces weight without compromising performance. An impressively sleek redesign also includes new LED tail lights and new, functional front bumper. Both of these additions make the Fiat Tipo an even more stylish and practical ride.

One of the best additions to the Fiat Tipo Cross is its newly developed brake system. Using thirty-three vacuum assisted brake systems which provide excellent braking performance. The Fiat Tipo features standard front and rear bumper guards, which allow for easy access to both the driver and the skid plate. Also, unlike most vehicles, the Fiat Tipo features side airbags as well as front and rear side curtain airbags. All of this adds to the already stellar safety ratings of this vehicle, which is one of only two production vehicles in the world to feature full-on side airbags.