Audi TTSi Coupes – A Review of Its Performance

The Audi TTS is a sporty version of the full-size luxury type vehicles that Audi makes. It’s a vehicle sported in the US by Audi. It’s not a fast car but it sports a lot of looks that would surely catch the eyes of its target market. It’s sporty and sleek yet not too bulky and heavy to ride. It’s stylish and a lot of features packed into one small vehicle.

The Audi TTS is a two-door production sports car manufactured by Audi ever since 1998, and in its second generation so far. It’s the company’s entry-level car that comes with an all-wheel drive option. The first two versions were assembled by the Audi subsidiary Audi Hungaria Motor Kft in cooperation with a sports car builder located in Italy. Since then, it has gone through several refinements and improvements.

The latest model in the series is the TTS and it incorporates many features that have been seen on previous models. However, it also incorporates some new technology such as the dual clutch six-speed automatic transmission. Aside from the manual and automatic transmission, the latest Audi TTS sporty model also features a sporty exhaust system with dual mufflers.

In addition, the new Audi TTS sporty models come with new designs such as the signature quad tailpipes, the aluminum body insert with rear spoiler, front air vents and large front and rear bumpers. All these modifications have been carried out to improve the overall looks of this classy vehicle. The new models are also equipped with the standard 4.2-liter V-Twin engine that is mated to an automatic transmission with manual mode.

There is no doubt about the fact that an Audi tt performs better than the ordinary four-wheeler vehicles. But, many believe that they would like a high performance car that is capable of hauling heavy loads like the sporty models of the Audi tts. This is one of the reasons why man to get an upper hand over their predecessors. It has always been said that power is never enough; you need to combine strength with agility to achieve a smooth driving experience.

As mentioned earlier, the sporty new models come with a powerful V-Twin engine. This engine is mated to an automatic gearbox and is linked to a sporty rear spoiler. All these make this vehicle unique and provide it with aerodynamic traits. However, the most impressive characteristic of the sporty models is its magnetic ride and superior handling. These are assisted by strong front and rear suspensions.

Audi’s new RS models come with innovative and technologically advanced features. For instance, the RS4 with its advanced Magnetic Ride System (MRS) uses the innovative Magnetic Holding System or Magnetic Fluxed Membrane (MFS), which features two layers of magnetic particles that are bonded to the wheel arch surface. The effect is a dynamic dampening of the air pressure and thereby ensuring improved handling. The two layers of magnetic Ride System help in the refinement of the body behavior and reduce unsprung mass as well.

It should be noted that the RS line-up comes with striking race inspired designs. Audi TT Coupes features the RS 4×2 which has been improved by utilizing lighter weight aluminum alloys. The major improvement is its improved front and rear suspensions. Both of these have been technologically proven to work together to improve the vehicle’s overall performance figures. There are many other variants of this vehicle such as RS5 which has gained much popularity because of its all-wheel drive. Other sporty models include the RS 5c and the RS Wagon which have been designed for sports enthusiasts.