High Performance With Elegant Simplicity

Despite its name, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio isn’t really a four-door car. Although it shares most of its underpinnings, such as styling, cabin, and engine accommodations with the standard Giulia sedan, it’s a different animal thanks to one key element: its powerful twin turbodiesel 2.9 Liter V-6. While all four cylinders on an automatic or manual transmission can work, the two turbodiesel engines make each an independent, high-performance model. That means that you get the best of both cars in terms of efficiency and power. This article will focus on the Giulia Quadrifoglio model’s twin turbo engine.

First, let’s start with what makes this vehicle so special. The Alfa Romeo Gemini is among the most powerful and luxurious sedans currently on the market. It’s also one of the most affordable. That’s the reason it has become so popular among young professionals and their parents. That kind of targeted market is rare on any vehicle in this class.

When designing the Giulia, Fiat had to address a number of concerns. They needed to be able to produce a car that could perform well while at the same time keeping its high fuel consumption rate in check. They also needed to have a powerful engine that could support all of the vehicle’s functions, while not putting an unnecessary strain on the rest of the system. With those issues in mind, the engineers went about designing the Giulia with an engine that sits higher and forward, in order to help fuel efficiency. A lower rear deck also helps to disburse weight more evenly across the rear wheel.

Other key features on the Alfa Romeo Gemini are front and rear head lights that are both fully adjustable. This gives the driver comprehensive visibility at night. The hood has vents in strategic places to help cool the brakes and other critical parts of the engine. All of this work allows the Alfa Romeo to offer a smooth, comfortable ride even in the hottest of summer months.

Inside, you’ll find ergonomically designed seats in both the front and the rear quarters. Seat controls include a large center console with a touch screen and complete power assist. Standard seating features include front and rear cup holders. Standard audio features come with a CD player, but there is also a pair of audio units that can be easily added to the system, if you wish.

Another important feature on this vehicle is the fact that it comes with superior ride and handling. The steering is light and responsive, yet offers a great deal of flexibility thanks to its multi-spool torque converter. This is also assisted by a suspension system with air suspension for optimum performance. Standard on the Giulia are 19″ alloy wheels with Pirelli wheels having been chosen to help create an overall package that will help you enjoy your driving experience.

The Alfa Romeo Gemini also offers all of the standard safety features such as front and rear bumper protection, side curtain air bags, passenger knee airbags and central locking. There is also a passenger side mirror with dual settings. Standard on this model is front and rear head restraints with full width bucket seats. You also have door and boot halogen lights.

As you can see, there is plenty to love about this popular vehicle. It has all of the standard safety features expected of a modern compact car, while at the same time it is strikingly unique. Each model of Alfa Romeo has been handcrafted to ensure that each one is completely unique, making them the ideal vehicle for all consumers. For more information on Alfa Romeo products please visit the official website by clicking the links below. You will find all of your standard products listed there, along with a vast selection of discount Alfa Romeo products.